Keeping it simple – How Our Home Rubbish Collection Service Works


We are efficient, affordable and environmentally responsible.

Every step of our waste disposal process is designed to be simple whilst maintaining a high standard of care for the environment, from providing you with sanitary wheelie bins, clearly marked with our distinctive logo, to transporting your household waste to recycling centres.

At Waste Concern we live up to the green of our logo by providing a vital rubbish collection service for the benefit of the community as a whole. We think people matter, and society’s need for sanitary disposal of waste cannot be ignored.

Becoming a customer

It is easy to register with us and order one of our durable Waste Concern wheelie bins. You choose the exact collections you require and place your orders as and when you want them.

Rubbish collection with a difference

Unlike many waste collection services, we only work for households, therefore it is our priority to make your life as simple as possible. You no longer need to separate your rubbish at home – you simply put everything into one single Waste Concern bin, whether it is garden or household waste. We can even quote to collect hazardous waste on request – but please note, these are the only materials which should not be placed into our regular Waste Concern wheelie bins.

To ensure our waste disposal process still safeguards the environment, we work with our partners at nationwide recycling centres. This efficient method means that items which can be recycled are separated from those which genuinely cannot be re-used or recycled.

With some councils unable to take bin liners when your regular wheelie bins are full, Waste Concern lets households choose when their rubbish is collected, so you never have this problem.

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