Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The customer expects Waste Concern (WC) to deliver a service that includes being “innovative, excellent, committed, commercial, leading and operating with integrity”. WC shall monitor the performance of Service delivery and Financial commitments.
As such the following will apply:

1. WC shall meet to review such performance not less than once every 3 months.

2. At each such meeting the performance of the SLA will be assessed by WC as follows: Performance against SLA requirements to be assessed jointly against the objective criteria set out in the schedule below;

3. The Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are arranged in the following groups:

A. Collection Services
B. Financial Information
C. Management Information
D. Recycling
E. Cost Savings
F. Legal Compliance
A) Collection Services

WC shall:

  • Ensure that sites will have access on a day to day basis to a Service Manager, responsible for delivery of service.
  • Arrange collection and disposal of waste from the nominated sites in line with site-specific schedules of the main agreement.
  • Any missed collections will be made up within 1 working day of being reported.
  • Action all requests for scheduled & unscheduled requests, within 4 hours.
  • Action all requests for project, ad hoc collections, and new work within 48 hours of receipt of request.
  • For requests which require site specific audits then a timescale will be agreed with the requestor
  • All service complaints will be responded to within 4 hours and corrective action in place within 5 working days.
  • Any changes to services initiated through WC must be communicated to the relevant site 2 weeks prior to implementation and a follow up Customer Care will be done on the day of execution in relation to the appropriate service
  • Charge 1 bin lift worth in the event of any wasted journey and roll the collection to the next time we are in the area.

The Customer shall:

  • Advise WC of any changes to the portfolio of sites within a reasonable timescale.
  • Advise WC of any service issues as soon as reasonably practicable.


B) Financial Services
WC shall:

  • All invoices will be sent to the customer within 10 working days of month end. (Including pro-forma format)
  • Credit Control enquiries will be acknowledged within 24 hours of receipt.
  • All credit control enquiries will be resolved within 10 working days of receipt

The customer shall:

  • Advise the WC of any invoices queries within 10 working days of receipt of invoice.

C) Management Information

WC shall:

  • Provide the customer with a quarterly report including (as a minimum) site data on all SLA/KPI’s agreed here, specifically, and for the avoidance of doubt, to include:
  • total waste tonnages,
  • total landfill tonnages
  • total recycling tonnages
  • landfill percentages
  • recycling percentages
  • financial spend by site
  • service success

D) Recycling

WC working in partnership with the customer will look to achieve recycling targets that are deliverable each year.

  • 75% recycling year one
  • 80% year two
  • 85% year three exiting at 90%

E) Cost Savings

WC shall continue to drive savings through rationalisation and waste minimisation. This activity will be reviewed at Account Review meetings.

F) Legal Compliance

SWS shall maintain legal compliance at all times by ensuring that:

  • All waste is disposed of at licensed sites using fully vetted licensed waste carriers in accordance with current legislation and best practice.
  • All paperwork is correctly completed before suppliers leave site and that the Customer retain Waste Transfer Notes on file for a period of not less than 5 years.
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