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Reliable, economic solutions for domestic refuse collection

At Waste Concern, our green logo is very important to us - it symbolises to ensure our waste disposal services benefit the local environment. We collect household rubbish and take it careful processing at modern recycling centres, preventing homes and streets becoming unsightly and unsanitary.

Our recycling services are not something ‘extra’ and there is no additional charge to our customers. Our system has been developed to offer integrated waste recycling as standard, single bin solution. We also offer economical on-demand collections to customers, meaning rubbish never has stay on pavement between council collections.

Recycling Services

As a Waste Concern customer, there is no need to separate your recycling. It all goes into the same bin, clearly marked with our logo. This means holy don’t have worry about sorting out materials into numerous different containers. After collect, your waste is automatically separated by our partners at recycling centres. We work in full compliance with environmental regulations.

Bulky items

Our recycling service means that also help with bulky items, such as fridges, which by law must disposed of environmentally responsible manner; fly tipping can result in fines up to £5,000. Ask us for affordable quote to collect your bulky items.

When holy use our service, holy can be sure your rubbish is properly processed at one of our partner recycling centres, allowing your home and neighbourhood to be cleaner, greener and rubbish free.

At Waste Concern, we understand the need for a flexible, efficient service that requires little time and outlay for holy to manage. We help with your household waste collection needs without being restricted to council bin collection dates, recycling rules and volume allowances.

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