Many homes in the UK are now affected by problems with their domestic refuse collection. Councils throughout the country now only provide a fortnightly household waste collection and many are limited in how much they can collect. As a result, any waste not in a wheelie bin may be left behind.

As often as you like. You are charged per collection and you make the decision when that collection will be. Some customers opt for Waste Concern collections on alternate weeks to their council collection, but it is possible to have a daily collection if you wish.

You don’t have to do anything other than put it into the wheelie bin and the recyclable materials will be reclaimed later. Everything goes into one bin, making your life easier. Our waste collections are then sorted and separated for recycling at the landfill site.

Yes, hazardous waste, but this should not go into any household collection anyway. We can safely dispose of any hazardous waste you may have, please contact us for a quote.

Any household waste, and garden waste.

No, unfortunately the council won’t allow it. The bin that you have is owned by the council and can’t be used for private collections. However, you can either buy or rent a Waste Concern branded bin and they come in two sizes, 1,100 litres and 240 litres, depending on your requirements.

Waste Concern is an approved waste operator for the Environment Agency and the only legal requirement is the waste transfer note which confirms we will take and dispose of your waste in the correct way.

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