Spencer Feldman weighs in on cash incentives for weekly collections

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“Spencer Feldman, founder of UK waste management company Waste Concern, is a firm believer in the benefits weekly collections.

Speaking to Waste Management World (WMW), Feldman said that council’s original moves from weekly to fortnightly collections were to save money.

He told WMW: “The government is now saying it’s going to put £100 million into a kitty. It’s going to come out of taxpayers’ money and probably will ultimately end up being paid as landfill taxes rather than providing what everyone wants. Everyone wants weekly collections with recycling,” he added.

One of the biggest bones of contention with the move to fortnightly collections has been the issue of food waste, and the odour, vermin and hygiene issues associated with it.

In common with Kirby and Lee, Feldman claimed that while food waste may be the most obvious problem, it also offers the best solutions, with biofuels, anaerobic digestion and energy production – and that the widespread adoption of these technologies is where the world needs to be. “

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