Real Life Solutions to Waste and Recycling Problems

Everyday we help homes all over the country with everyday domestic waste disposal. If you are in need of more rubbish collections than your council collections allow, Waste Concern can help you. All our services are designed to be as simple, affordable and convenient as possible. We offer real solutions to the many common waste and recycling problems that people face today.

We collect what you want, when you want

  • Our waste disposal facilities are totally flexible – you choose when you want your collection and how many times you want it.

  • Our courteous staff help you order collections in just minutes.

  • Order by phone, fax, email or online.

We make waste disposal easy

  • Our wheelie bins accept all household waste except hazardous materials.

  • We collect food waste, recyclables, non-recyclable household rubbish and garden waste at no extra cost.

  • We now collect bulky items. Ask us for a quote to collect larger items alongside your wheelie bin collection.

  • We can even arrange for hazardous waste collection – ask us for a bespoke quote.

A single bin for all your waste and recycling needs

  • You can put all your rubbish into just one of our smart Waste Concern branded wheelie bins – there’s no need to separate into different recycling bins

  • Even garden waste goes straight into the same bin

  • Your waste is responsibly recycled by our recycling centre partners.

Whether you are looking for a more frequent bin collection, collections on demand for additional waste, special collections for specific items, we have plenty of practical solutions to make your life easier. We take the stress out of waste and recycling, at everyday prices, and to schedules that our customers choose themselves, saving valuable time and helping to keep home environments and neighbourhoods cleaner.

Have a question?

Please call us on 0203 326 5596 or fill in your question below and a member of our team will be in touch
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