Providing an alternative to council bin collections

Waste Concern was formed in direct response to a pressing consumer need. We provide a reliable waste collection service to anyone at any time. Waste Concern is not limited by collection schedules, except that of our customers. With over half of all councils in England, Wales and Scotland now dropping to a bin collection once a fortnight we offer a private household waste collection service helping you to manage between bin collection dates.

Our services can be used by anyone who needs more collections than their council currently offers. Our aim is to benefit the whole community by providing a rapid, responsive and environmentally sound local waste disposal service. Our services come with integrated recycling as standard; all delivered using just one of our smart practical wheelie bins.

Fortnightly household waste collection

We can collect on alternate weeks, offering both household and garden waste collection – everything goes in one bin.

When council collection services just can’t meet your needs

Rubbish can pile up around bank holidays, during unusual weather conditions, or simply because councils are restricted by budgets and legislation. As a private local waste disposal company, Waste Concern is not limited by council schedules; our only schedule is yours.

  • No need to separate recycling.

  • Place everything into one of our wheelie bins and we do the rest for you. Your rubbish is carefully sorted for recycling directly at dedicated recycling centres.

  • We take all your rubbish – no matter how much.

  • If your family needs more capacity, there is no limit to the number of our bins that we will empty on the bin collection day that you have chosen. We also offer a larger sized bin that you can still throw all your household waste into.

  • There are times when everyone needs more rubbish collected than others. Moving home, redecorating, hosting parties, refurbishing, gardening projects, DIY, home improvement and more. We provide an affordable service for on demand collections, giving you convenience without the hefty premium.

  • When you can’t use the local council tip.

It may be a question of not having access to a car or van, living far from the site, or not wanting to put rubbish into a prestige or recently valeted vehicle. You may be busy working or looking after the family during the only weekday hours the site is open; rely on us to provide an economical service instead. Simply place your garden waste, recyclables and any other household waste into the one bin, order a collection and we take care of the rest.

At Waste Concern, we understand the need for a flexible, efficient service that requires little time and outlay for you to manage. We help with your household waste collection needs without being restricted to council bin collection dates, recycling rules and volume allowances.

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